The Official Website of the okotoks oilers

The Official Website of the okotoks oilers

Nov 25 FINAL
Dragons 3
Kodiaks 4
Nov 25 FINAL
Canucks 0
Grizzlys 4
Nov 25 FINAL
Thunder 2
Saints 3
Nov 25 FINAL
Eagles 10
Mustangs 5
Nov 26 7:30pm
Pontiacs -
Bobcats -
Nov 27 7:30pm
Canucks -
Mustangs -
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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the Okotoks Oilers are members of the Okotoks & Foothills community who volunteer their time and resources to help the Oilers program succeed.


Wayne Lauinger - President/Governor

Ted Shacklady - Treasurer

Jay Magnussen - Director

Reece Kosek - Director

Brian Miller - Director

Brad Porter - Director

John Barlow - Director

David Gilbert - Director

Pat Sheehan - Director

John Wilson - Board Appointed Director from Friends of the Okotoks Oilers


For more information on the Okotoks Oilers Board of Governors, please contact President, Wayne Lauinger.