Treating Head Injuries On & Off The Ice

Category: Local News
Published: Monday, 19 September 2016 05:50
Written by Gino De Paoli


The word concussion gets thrown around a lot when it comes to contact sports whether it's the pros or amateurs and a new form of modern medicine is looking at ways to help recover.

Myosymmetries out of Calgary is teaming up with the Okotoks Oilers Junior 'A' Hockey Club to help not just athletes get back in the game safely but also live out a safe life.

Project Coordinator Kayla Kaluzny says this new form of testing for one's both physical and mental health when it comes to head injuries.

“We use a technology called qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) which basically maps out your brain,” she says. “It tells us which areas of your brain are overactive, underactive, which areas are communicating with each other, which ones aren't and gives us an indication of previous concussion or mild traumatic brain injuries.”

She says all athletes who have suffered or may not know they have had a concussion can use this form of sports medicine.

“It measures ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, post concussion syndrome, we do wide variety of diseases too. We see a wide variety of conditions, fibromyalgia is in there or chronic pain. But we really want to start getting into the sports world and real market it as a tool to manage brain injuries in sport.”

Kaluzny a former player, recently with the University of Maine says she has gone through the qEEG process herself and was able to recover with any additional symptoms she had when playing.

“I'm a recovered patient of a concussion or a few so I really believe in the program, I really believe in the treatment we offer which is a little different than other places we see out there.”

The partnership between Myosymmetries and the Oilers is all part of the team's initiative towards mental health during after their time on the ice.